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Why Canadian Hosters?
Canadian Hosters takes pride in operating a reliable hosting service. Hosting is our primary focus, and customer satisfaction is our goal. We are committed to providing the best service in the business. By hosting with us, you benefit from a large array of services and features included in every one of our hosting packages.

Trusted Relationship
We are serious about building trusting relationships with our clients. Whether you are a business owner getting started on the web or web designer with a client base, we strive to offer consistent prompt support and reliable service.

Our Focus
We know hosting. Hosting is our business focus. We are not distracted by other communications service demands. We understand the Internet; what works and what doesn't; standards, security, and the challenge of constant innovation. We understand the value of your Internet business services; the investment in time and money, the need for reliability, and the need for fast support.

Seamless Integration
Simply contact us for an estimate of what it would take to host your new site or seamlessly transition your current site to our server environment. Give us a try and we will win you over with quality service and attentive personal support.


We have three hosting packages available to serve you.

Bronze Plan

Our good basic plan with many useful features; great for sites averaging under 50 monthly visitors.

Silver Plan

Our better plan that includes some advanced features; great for sites averaging over 50 monthly visitors.

Gold Plan

Our best plan for web sites that use advanced features; for popular web sites that consistently receive high visitor counts.

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